Anant Technologies

Our Services

We develop softwares which give ease of use to our customers, softwares built by anantit are effecient,effective and easily maintainable.

Web Applications


Web Development

We have developed several custom applications for a wide assortment of customer ventures. We develop optimised applications to all businesses.



Android Development

Versatile applications are the fastest, easiest and the best approach for drawing in with the customers in present time. We’ve developed plently of cool and superior Mobile Apps, from Kitkat to Android-Q , simple phones to custom Android devices.

Desktop Apps


Desktop Apps Development

We develop efficient, user friendly and customized Desktop Applications that can run offline.

Data Analytics


Data Analytics

We take responsiblity to compile, verify accuracy and sort information in order to optimize your business performance.

Web Applications


Product Design

Incredible products can change enterprises. We do it all here in Anant Technologies. We deliver efficient and technology driven products, from Simple To Awesome Products.

Graphic Design


Graphic Designing

Our design professionals deliver smooth, effective and eye catching visuals to communicate messages using visual heirarchy and desin previews and typography to meet specific needs.

Web Applications


Predictive Analytics

We use the dynamic and grouped raw data, perform data analytics, organize the data and predict the outcomes using analyzed data. .

Graphic Design


Content Development

Our media team develops beautiful and fascinating digital contents, one of which is educational content for students of 1 to 10th grade. These elegant contents provide fun learning for students.